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Healing Hands For Haiti

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Mercy handsHealing Hands for Haiti International Foundation Inc. is a tax exempt, non-profit, 501(c)(3), non-governmental U.S.  organization. We are committed to the principles of transparency, accountability and sustainability. The Board of Directors appoints a Board member as the Treasurer for a three year term. This is a volunteer position. The Treasurer is a member of and reports directly to the Governance Committee, which is a joint committee of the International and Haitian Boards.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions of the international organization and for fiscal sustainability by ensuring monthly financial statements, an annual audit, and legal, ethical and effective accounting procedures and reporting; plus compliance with all government regulations and the organization’s By Laws and Code of  Ethics.

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Healing Hands for Haiti takes financial responsibility very seriously. We aim to work as efficiently and effectively as possible to address the needs of Haitians with disabilities. In 2009, 14 percent of the budget of HHH was devoted to administrative costs. This means that 86 cents of every dollar raised went directly to serve Haitians with disabilities.







In order to keep our donors and supporters fully informed, we make our audited financial statements, 990 tax forms  and annual reports available to the public on our website.


2015 Anual Report


2014 Anual Report


2012 Audited Financial Statements 


2011 Audited Financial Statements


2010 Audited Financial Statements


2008 Audited Financial Statements

2008 Form 990

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