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Healing Hands For Haiti

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A Healing Hands Success Story


Meet Jean Wesley Stimphat, one of our patients who broke his spine last year just after the earthquake. Jean Wesley was with us in Cap Haitien at the Haiti Hospital Appeal (HHA) Spinal Cord Injured Unit, where we looked after him and his mother.

Jean Wesley spent 5 months in the hospital with a lot to overcome. He had lost family members and friends, his house was destroyed, his university was destroyed, and he had lost his ability to walk. But Jean Wesley was determined to get his life back.

He learned to walk again with the help of HHA, HHH and Team Canada Healing Hands (TCHH) by using a walking frame and wheelchair for a long time. After he returned to Port au Prince, Jean Wesley started coming to our HHH Kay Kapab Klinic to continue with his therapy and rehabilitation.

Eventually, Jean Wesley went back to University – which is no easy task as the replacement building was not easily accessible and to get there took a lot of courage as he was unstable on his legs. Taking a tap-tap (bus) here is a crazy daily occurrence for most able-bodied people let alone for someone who has mobility impairments.

But Jean Wesley battled against adversity and succeeded! He now walks without a walking stick. It is with immense pride that we can pass on his good news: Jean Wesley has graduated and now has a Degree in Economics!

Bravo Jean Wesley! We are all very proud of your accomplishments!







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