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Healing Hands For Haiti

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October and November Employees of the Month

 Fiona Stephenson, Dr. Jim Rohde, Michaelle Delva, Antonio Kebrau, Al Ingersoll, Herold Lojuste







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Herold Lojuste was nominated for the October Award because, as well as a being one of the HHH interpreters, he assisted in the HHH Transportation Audit beneficiary interviews and data collection. This is a very useful tool in alerting the organisation as well as (potential) donors regarding specific beneficiary needs. The Transportation Audit was written up and accepted as a Poster Presentation at the London School of Tropical Medicine at the Disability Symposium held in conjunction with the WHO on November 8th 2011.


Michaelle Delva was nominated for the November Award for her enthusiasm and proactive learning whilst working with the Team Canada Healing Hands (TCHH) Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Team recently, scoring over 90% in her SLP examination. This will further help our vision of holistic care for our vulnerable client group.

Thank you very much to Dr Jim Rohde MD, HHH Board Member, who kindly presented the awards during his recent visit to Haiti.









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