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Healing Hands For Haiti

 Please donate to support HHH services.



Strong support from Handicap International continues at the Physical Rehabilitation Center (PRC) located near the National Palace area of downtown Port au Prince.  Originating from a 2009 small collaboration to assist 10 Haitian people with prosthetic limbs and quickly expanded after the January 2010 earthquake, this partnership has solidified into a long term commitment to help disabled, injured and vulnerable; while training current and future generations of caregivers.

As of January 2012 more than 2,000 people will have received physical therapy and psychosocial services while being fit with artificial limbs and braces.  

Early 2012 will further engage the HHH and HI relationship with opening of a new HHH building and start of an education program for prosthetic and orthotic technicians.   More details soon!


The International Committee of the Red Cross – Special Fund for the Disabled recently donated over $20,000 in highly specialized components and materials to Healing Hands for Haiti for use helping disabled Haitians obtain artificial limbs and braces.  HHH’s staff continue the hard work of recovery by fabricating the devices, fitting and training and coordinating all aspects of care while collaborating with colleagues from Handicap International at the Physical Rehabilitation Center.



Thanks to the generous donation from the Jain Center of Southern California, we have been able to create a modern computer and communications network at our new Klinik Kay Kapab in Port au Prince. New systems include 12 Dell desktop computers, 3 laptops, 2 digital projectors, a network server, all-in-one printer and the necessary software upgrades to make it all run smoothly. A smart cell phone and VOIP telephone network links all our senior managers and staff 24/7. This is a lasting contribution to the quality of patient services we provide in Haiti.



Noel Frantz, security and transportation manager, proudly unveils our new Toyota van, sponsored by Newman's Own Foundation.  This new van enables Healing Hands to transport volunteers to partner sites, hospitals, orphanages and clinics we service throughout Haiti. 



This month Physicians for Peace generously donated a new generator which provides auxiliary power to our newly opened clinic and administrative building in Port au Prince. Valued at $34,000, the Denyo diesel powered generator outputs 100kVa and is specially designed for quiet operation. Physicians for Peace supported Healing Hands for Haiti long before the earthquake and were one of the first organizations to call us after January 12 to offer any assistance they could.  Physicians for Peace also honoured us with a 2010 Haiti Heroes Award presented at their awards gala October 2, 2010 in Virginia Beach. 

The new clinic contains two floors of offices and therapy rooms for physical therapy, teaching and administration. It will be our temporary headquarters for a year as construction begins on a new outpatient building at our existing property. A sod turning is expected before the end of the year.

Physicians for Peace was founded in 1989, dedicated to the ideal that health care in the developing world can best be improved by providing training and education to health care professionals in those countries. When we send one volunteer medical professional overseas, that person might train 10 of their peers in-country, who will later heal thousands or tens of thousands of patients in the world’s most underserved populations.



 Direct Relief International did their homework following the earthquake and determined that supporting Healing Hands for Haiti in rebuilding the rehabilitation sector would make the best use of their donors’ funds and materials. At meetings in their Santa Barbara, CA offices in early June, their leadership team presented us with a grant for $275,000 and committed to doubling that this year.
“Following meetings at Direct Relief International's headquarters yesterday and today, the organization has increased grant funding to Healing Hands for Haiti International (HHHI) to $275,000. This partner's excellent work in caring for people in need in Haiti and its loss of facilities during the January earthquake have inspired the increase in grant funding, which will support the operation of temporary facilities for a year while permanent facilities are rebuilt.”  For more than 60 years, Direct Relief International has provided medical assistance to improve the quality of life for people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest at home and throughout the world. They work to strengthen the in-country health efforts of their partners by providing essential material resources – medicines, supplies, equipment, and funding.
The grant will allow HHHI to operate a temporary facility for a year while we rebuild our headquarters. The temporary space will be fully functional to support care for pre- and post-earthquake patients, and will house a clinic, an administrative office, medical examining room, physiotherapy gym, occupational therapy room, classroom, and storage space.

Specifically, Direct Relief’s $275,000 grant will fund:
• Rent, electricity, maintenance, telecommunications, and other necessities for operating the safe and sanitary temporary facility;
• Necessary equipment, including an industrial back-up generator, examination tables, physiotherapy equipment, and occupational therapy equipment;
• Salaries and benefits for needed personnel, including a clinic manager, administrative staff, security personnel, a driver, a translator, and housekeeping staff.

On behalf of the more than 800,000 persons with disabilities in Haiti, our volunteers and staff, we are grateful to our supporters and partners for the resources they are providing to enable us to continue and expand our mission. Thank you Direct Relief International!




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