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Healing Hands For Haiti

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Patients Stories - Sebastien

Sebastien is an adorable 6-year old who first came to Kay Kapab Klinik in September of 2012.  According to his father, he didn't walk much and fell down often when he tried to walk.  At school, when the other kids were playing, he sat on a bench.  After receiving physical therapy at HHH, he has shown marked improvement.  Sebastien's father says, "Sebastien is better.  He is moving and I am very happy."  Sebastien's teacher reports that he can now play with the other children.  Sebastien and his father will be featured in the soon-to-be-completed new video.

Patient stories - Nesly

A team of medical volunteers from Boston visited the St. Boniface Hospital in March 2011 to work with the spinal cord injured (SCI) patients.  They conducted CPR training, repaired wheelchairs, provided physical therapy, and follow up care.  

St. Boniface Hospital specializes in SCI care with an experienced nursing staff that is able to provide education to patients and their care givers as well as implement standard nursing care.  

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Patient stories - Shoudane Guerin

Shoudane is a beautiful 22 month-old who is shy and cautious of new people. She first came to the Kay Kapab Klinik in late 2010 where she met with Dr. Moise, a physiatrist who initially assessed Shoudane.  Although she has only been visiting the Klinik for a few months, her feet are taking well to the prosthetic boots fitted to help correct her club feet, a condition she’s had since birth. 





Patient stories - Marie Thereze Morancy

Marie Thereze suffered a stroke at the time of the earthquake in 2010.  She found herself on the grass with her mouth lopsided and her left arm not functioning normally.  Fortunately, someone knew about Healing Hands for Haiti and managed to get the 63-year-old to their makeshift clinic shortly after the quake. Thanks to their help, Marie Thereze has been making steady recovery and is currently receiving physiotherapy to her left arm once a week.  Her greatest wish is to recover full strength in her arm so that she can get back to doing her daily tasks.  Marie Thereze hopes to see Healing Hands continuing to provide good work and helping as many people in need as they can.










Patient stories - Jordanie Derulus

When the earth started to shake in Haiti on January 12th, 10 year-old Jordanie Derulus was trapped in the rubble of his house with his cousin and his mother. “My mother was screaming, and I just told her to pray,” he said while he was sitting at the Healing Hands for Haiti Prosthetic Clinic, “she died and they pulled me out of the rubble two days later.” Once out of the rubble, Jordanie was brought to the hospital where doctors were forced to remove his right leg. And while Jordanie never lost faith he would walk again, the leg that he has received has allowed him to get back to normal. “I can kick a soccer ball again, and walk,” he explained, “it’s a wonderful thing.”






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