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Healing Hands For Haiti

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Healing Hands for Haiti Foundation provides physical rehabilitation medicine to the most vulnerable population- those with a physical disability. Our clinic in Port au Prince offers physical and occupational therapy and medical care to adults and children.  We have a prosthetic and orthotic (P&O) workshop and we offer valuable education to Haitians in P&O tech training.  We also offer physical therapy aide education and will soon be starting a rehab nursing program.

Whether it is working in Klinik Kay Kapab, working and playing with children in an orphanage or providing educational opportunities for healthcare workers in the community, volunteers will have the opportunity to learn as well as teach, to receive as well as give, and to experience the wonders of a different culture and heritage.

To share your unique and valuable skills and to broaden your horizon, click here for more information.  

Please take the time to complete the application. You will need to attach a current CV and 2 referral letters (1 personnel and 1 professional) to your application. Upon receipt of your application, you will receive a questionnaire to complete.

Volunteer Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Who can volunteer? 

Rehabilitation specialists (PM&R physicians, rehabilitation nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, certified prosthetists and orthotists) 

We have opportunities for non-rehab medical and non-medical volunteers. These volunteers can fulfill a wide variety in any number of areas including assisting in our Care Giver and Orphanage service and training programs, logistics, training for trades for re-entry to work, and other support roles.

Do I need to join a team or can I volunteer on my own? 

HHH has a history of ‘teams’ coming to Haiti for many years before the 2010 earthquake hit the country.  Many of those teams continue to come.  However, since the earthquake, we have had many individual volunteers come for 2-4 weeks or longer. 

Where will I work?  What will I do? 

It depends on your skill set.  Rehabilitation specialists:   Since our clinic is rehab based and we have Haitian staff, you may be asked to provide continuing medical education classes (CME), lectures and participate in seminars that may be 1 or 2 days.  In some cases, you may work side by side with the staff, treating patients. 

For general medical teams, participating in lectures or seminars and/or working in orphanages may be the main focus of your visit.  Occasionally, we get requests for volunteers in other areas.   Again, this will depend on your profession.  Support or lay team members may be tasked with helping in an orphanage, doing minor repair or building, painting, cleaning, or other identified and requested activities. 

Where will I stay?

We have a new guesthouse (completion date set for October 2013).  Until its completion, we are using a hotel that we have found to be of reasonable cost, clean, secure and quiet. 

How long can I volunteer for? 

Volunteers can come for 1- 4 weeks or longer.  Be aware that 1 week visits are very short and offer the volunteer limited time to integrate into our clinic, or allow time to see the city outside of the compound. Many volunteers have expressed appreciation of being able to stay at least 2 weeks.  Having a weekend between work weeks allows time for a more memorable experience. 

For volunteers seeking to commit to 4 weeks or longer, we will seek approval to offer a reduced cost to your visit.  (Please ask for more information on this). 

How much will my trip cost? 

This will depend on several factors.  HHH has set prices for in-country. This includes your airport transfers, room and board (2 meals per day), and daily transportation. 

This does not include round trip airfare from your departure city, any hotel or meals required prior to arriving or departing from Port au Prince.  You will be asked to purchase medical evacuation insurance, have a valid passport, and receive any medications or immunizations you may need. 

What else do I need to know?  

HHH has a volunteer coordinator that will work with you through the entire planning process, provide additional information, and arrange in-country transportation. 

Facts You Should Know

For individuals, once our volunteer coordinator has received your application and it has been approved, you can expect to receive further information.  For teams, the team leader will have direct contact with the coordinator in Haiti. It will be the responsibility of the team leader to make sure all team members receive all of the information in a timely manner. 

Communication is the key to a successful and stress free experience for all members of the team. 

Complete and return a Rehab Medical Volunteer Application Form here

Complete and return a Non-Rehab Volunteer Application Form here




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