Healing Hands for Haiti International Foundation Inc. A Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Institution

In Haiti, 800,000 children and adults live with disabilities.

Our goal is to help them gain physical independence

Welcome to Healing Hands for Haiti

Our organization is dedicated to delivering quality, sustainable physical medicine, rehabilitation education, training, and care for adults and children with physical disabilities. We believe the best way to serve the people of Haiti is to empower them to help themselves.

Our organization is a nonprofit, nongovernmental secular organization, funded exclusively by the support of our donors, partners, and volunteers. "-like professional staff."

We are committed to long-term empowerment and fiscal responsibility.

What We Do

We provide quality physical medicine and rehabilitation services. We foster and encourage a spirit of self-determination, independence, and human dignity with the goal of empowering Haitians who live with disabilities.

Patient Care

Our outpatient facilities and Port-au-Prince provide physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, clinical services, and training. We have trained Haitian technicians who fabricate and fit prosthetics and orthotics, and wheelchairs.

Continuing Education

Our Continuing Medical Education (CME) Seminars provide formal training courses in aspects of physical medicine and rehabilitation to Haitian medical professionals and caregivers. Additional training opportunities and mentoring help local care providers better prepare to deliver high-quality care to the patients they serve.

Patient Success Stories

Meet Sebastien

Sebastien is an adorable child who first came to the Kay Kapab Klinik when he was six years old. He didn't walk much and fell down often. Sebastien sat on a bench at school while the other kids were playing. After receiving physical therapy at HHH, he showed marked improvement and was eventually able to play again with his peers at school. As his father shared, "Sebastien is better. He is moving, and I am very happy."

You Can Help

Our donors, partners, volunteers, and professional staff are the foundation of our organization. With each new supporter, we can continue our mission and expand the number of children and adults we serve in Haiti.